Andreas Weinås 5 Summer Favourites

Discover Andreas 5 Favourites from the Spring/Summer Collection 2022.

Suit Linen Sand

For summer, there are few garments that embodies more of a classic elegance than a light coloured linen suit. The shade of beige is much more versatile than you might think and the trouser offers a perfect companion to your navy blazer just as the jacket wears beautifully with cream trousers. As a full suit you can easily wear with a crisp white shirts and tie for a casual wedding or a polo for a relaxed look during the day.

Weekend Bag Calf Leather

Speaking of weekend trips. The carry-on bags might be practical, but nothing feels more elegant than a quality leather bag for a shorter weekend or road trip. It will fit all your necessities for 2-3 days and with proper care it will only get better with age.

Polo Linen Jesrsey Sweater Blue

The key to an elegant, yet relaxed look is a perfect Polo. It sits perfectly between the classic shirt and a more informal t-shirt due to the collar but most importantly the texture. I prefer the soft blue shade that reminds me of the golden days of the Riviera during the fifties and sixties. For a formal look, combine it with a navy or brown jacket and a pair of white trousers or where it with your navy swim trunks to the beach.

EPOS Milano Bronte Olive Brown

It is not summer without a pair of proper sunglasses. Epos Milano makes some fantastic models, and my favourite is the Bronte in olive brown. While most tend to go for black or tortoise, I think olive is an interesting option with enough contrast against my skin tone to still look flattering.

Shirt Jacket Suede Beige

Summer is normally quite a casual season for me and therefor a perfect opportunity to wear a shirt jacket in suede. The shirt jacket bridges the gap between a tailored jacket and more casual outerwear which makes it extremely versatile. And don’t be afraid of the light-coloured suede, despite what many might think it is surprisingly easy to care for and will not get ruined by a drop of rain. Invest in proper suede care and you have a garment to enjoy for years to come.