Iconic Garments for Changing Seasons

As the temperatures drop, Rose & Born presents a glimpse of our iconic and indispensable apparel set against the pristine backdrop of Sweden’s natural beauty.

Explore our meticulously crafted clothing, fashioned from luxurious, warming materials, all designed with a keen focus on functionality.

By spinning fine wool yarn to its utmost refinement, we attain a remarkable level of natural weather resistance, all without the need for synthetic materials.

14.5-micron wool refers to the fineness or thickness of individual wool fibers. The “micron” measurement is a unit of fineness used to gauge the diameter of these fibers. In this case, 14.5 microns means that each wool fiber has a diameter of approximately 14.5 millionths of a meter, making it an exceptionally fine and soft type of wool.

Wool with such a low micron count is often considered ultrafine or superfine wool and is typically associated with high-quality textiles. It is known for its luxurious feel, exceptional softness, and superior comfort when used in clothing and textiles. Garments made from 14.5-micron wool are highly prized for their warmth, breathability, and comfort.

— Blending merino wool and cashmere delivers that slightly rougher look without compromising on softness

Crewneck Wool Cashmere Sweater Navy

Blending merino wool and cashmere delivers that slightly rougher look without compromising on softness

Every item in our collection symbolizes the ideal blend of style, comfort, and practicality.

As the sun’s rays lands on your skin in the fall, the season’s mood can swiftly change. With the right companion, you can confidently navigate the shifting temperatures and winds.

One of your closest allies during this time is our shawl collar sweater, expertly made from the finest Mongolian cashmere. This versatile sweater includes a practical collar loop to ward off any unwanted breezes.

It's in the details

Functional accessories are frequently overshadowed by more decorative items. Rose & Born, however, offers a unique combination of quality and practicality in essential accessories designed for both warmth and comfort.

Our cashmere scarves are born on vintage hand-operated shuttle looms and individually hand-dyed. Italian artisans ensure that each piece maintains a standard of quality that will gracefully mature alongside the wearer.

The timeless fisherman beanie, an icon of functionality, provides both warmth and comfort with its generous use of soft cashmere yarn.

— Our chunky cashmere beanie molds itself to fit any head shape seamlessly.

Cashmere Beanie White

Our chunky cashmere beanie molds itself to fit any head shape seamlessly.

The iconic Rose & Born signature cut, reenvisioned in naturally dyed tweed.

Our unstructured, soft house cut in tailoring allows us to experiment with various fabrics and compositions without compromising the comfort demanded by the modern man.

Crafted from naturally dyed tweed, the outcome is a garment that seamlessly serves its purpose indoors and outdoors.

You can wear this tailoring as relaxed, effortless outdoor jackets, or pair them with your everyday work attire.

Olive maintains its status as an essential color for Rose & Born, transcending seasonal boundaries.

Rose & Born signatures

A cherished Rose & Born signature and customer favorite is our versatile field jacket crafted from weather-resistant wool.

Drawing inspiration from timeless shooting jackets known for their longevity, we aspire for our creation to follow suit.

We’ve adapted this garment to meet the contemporary demand for understated, functional luxury. While preserving the classic silhouette and essential elements, including the action back and practical pockets, we’ve designed the genuine fur collar to be removable, offering more space for a scarf when needed.

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Crewneck Wool Cashmere Sweater Beige


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