Investing In Your Wardrobe

Which are the true staples in a timeless wardrobe?

Building a timeless wardrobe is first and foremost about knowing yourself and your personal style. Some pieces are simply worth spending a bit more on since they offer both greater versatility and are less likely to feel dated the next few years.

The idea of a timeless wardrobe is appealing to most of us but not always the easiest to achieve.

When we look at what pieces of clothing or shoes to start with when building a wardrobe, one must take a hard look at their own life. Do I work in an office which requires suits or jackets? Do I live in a country with a few months of winter? And most importantly; what type of clothing makes me comfortable and would I consider flattering.

The Navy Suit

Even if you don’t work in a suit, we could argue that most men today should have at least one in their wardrobe for weddings, funerals or other formal situations in life. If you´re only getting one suit, keep it simple. Stay with navy or grey in the darker spectrum and you will be set for almost any occasion.

The White Shirt

Same goes for the white shirt. Your wardrobe can have 5, 50 or 500 shirts but a white one with a cutaway collar will always be appropriate.

Quality Shoes

A few pair of quality leather shoes. This is more personal, and some might find more use in a pair of suede loafers or brown brogues than the classic black oxford. Either way you should know that any outfit starts from the ground up and your footwear defines you. With maintenance and proper care, a pair of goodyear welted shoes can last you well over a decade so it is truly one of the best examples of investing in your wardrobe.

The Perfect Pair of Denim

Even if you only wear them on the weekends, we will argue that the right pair of denim is a core staple of any wardrobe these days. However, rather focus on a perfect pair in the shade and fit you find most flattering than to have tens of different options.

The Right Kind of Knitwear

The greatest benefit of knitwear is the versatility of it. How a roll neck sweater can be worn casually to a pair of jeans and the next day be the perfect complement to a full suit. Crew necks, V-necks, roll necks and zips. Cashmere, cotton or merino wool? We have options for everyone, so it is all about finding what fits your life and style.

The Classic Overcoat

If you live in a country with several months of winter, the overcoat is perhaps the most important investment of your wardrobe. It´s a garment worn daily that is put to the test through snow and rain. Choose a model in a sturdy wool and with a cut that feels versatile enough to be worn to the office as well as on a Sunday stroll.