Linen shirts for all occasions

At the beach, among cobs and skerries, on the boat.
The summer’s most natural and beautiful men’s garment is equally relaxed as elegant. But the contemporary linen shirt is so much more than just a holiday garment.

It is just as appropriate in town, at work, in the park or at the outdoor terrace.

Together with relaxed drawstring trousers in washed linen, you get the ultimate resort look, while a pair of jeans or chinos creates a slightly more dressy style. The linen shirt is not only stylish. Thanks to the many advantages of the material and the characteristics of the fabric, it will keep you cool throughout the hotter days of the year.

— Off-white Linen Jacket with a Cream Cotton/Linen Sweater

Off-white Linen Jacket with a Cream Cotton/Linen Sweater

Your natural companion during the summer season

As the linen shirt is made from the fibers of the flax plant, the fabric is known for both its natural luster and ability to keep the temperature regulated during tropical climates – regardless of heat, the material retains a cool and crispy feeling. Rose & Born’s linen shirt is made of an Italian washed linen fabric, a strong and durable material with a long life.

– The linen shirt is a classic men’s garment, as relaxing as exclusive in its style. Ahead of Spring Summer 2023, we have developed the linen shirt in new functional interpretations and introduced a number of washed-out pastel colors. By pulling out the amount of color, we get a garment that still gives a wonderful summer feeling but which becomes much easier to match to an existing wardrobe – to offer clothes that can live a long time, and contribute to less wastage.

– Filip Kazakov, product designer at Rose & Born