Precision in Every Stitch

What is made-to-measure at Rose & Born? Here, we conveniently guide you through the technical details and key considerations to take into account regarding our service.


A key aspect of your tailored jacket or suit is the construction of the garment, and it is an important detail we always inquire about first.

A garment with hand-attached horsehair canvas offers the wearer the feeling of a gentle hug and often eliminates unnecessary creases around the lapels and chest area. This type of construction molds after the wearer due to the interlining that reacts with moisture and heat, becoming more comfortable and personal after each wear.

In contrast, the unconstructed jacket, a hallmark at Rose & Born, offers a lightweight garment that drapes effortlessly, providing freedom in movement and a natural, nonchalant look. Our commitment to both canvas and unconstructed options reflects our dedication to offering choices that align with the diverse preferences and styles of our customers.


The lapels play a crucial role in emphasizing the wearer’s proportions. Choosing a classic, slightly wider lapel width enhances the V-shape in the garment, reducing the visual fabric on the sides of the chest and creating a more defined shoulder line. This choice is widely regarded as more flattering to the human eye.

The Lily or Crowfoot stitched buttons represent a more time-consuming yet robust method of button attachment, providing greater control in the process. The names derive from their resemblance to a lily flower and a crow’s foot.

When selecting the eye-catching elements of the garment, we present GOTS certified horn buttons in various shades. Each button is unique, possessing its own distinct character.


Through our made-to-measure process, we guide you through the importance of achieving a correct sleeve length and recommend the ideal sleeve length for different fabrics.

Often overlooked, the length may need slight adjustments, particularly when using materials like linen for the end product. Linen sleeves, for example, tend to elegantly crease and eventually set higher up on the wrist compared to sleeves made from woolen fabric.

When accurately measured, customers have the option to request buttonholes to be opened straight from the atelier. Functional buttonholes are often seen as a quality indicator in the tailoring industry, and for us, they also provide practicality. A jacket crafted with functional open buttonholes allows them to be easily folded up when washing your hands between meetings or to cool down your body temperature by ventilating your wrists.



The length of the jacket is a crucial aspect of the overall silhouette of the finished garment. It is often said that the jacket should end at the second knuckle of the wearer’s thumb. This is a good guideline, but there is more to consider. Since all people are different, the mindset towards the correct jacket length should be adjusted accordingly. The correlation between a person’s arms, torso, and seat is taken into consideration when ordering a garment through our made-to-measure service.


A well-proportioned jacket should always cover the seat, reveal 1-2cm of shirt cuff, and never conform to the body; rather, it should shape the body.

Never a look, yet always inspiring

Our aesthetics lie in garments that consistently evoke excitement through textures, shades, and a natural fit while retaining the essence of slow fashion. The product is designed to remain relevant, seamlessly integrating with the customer’s existing and future wardrobe.

Never a look, yet always inspiring

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