Spring Summer 2024

Embrace the new season in effortless and comfortable garments.

Mediterranean Memories

Get inspired this season by cherished trips around the Mediterranean Sea; ragged coastlines; ageless villages and cities.

Explore a colour palette collected from nature, infused into luxurious yarns. Azure blue shades from the shallow shores, sun-bleached greens from the lustrous landscapes, beige from the pale, hot beaches and browns from beautiful dried bark; Colours that are all effortlessly woven into linens, silk, cashmere and wool fabrics.

Proportions and styles are borrowed from the historic days of the Spanish, French and Italian rivieras, refined and updated in a comfortable make. Classic, wide, double-breasted lapels are paired with effortless linen drawstring trousers and shirts worn with three buttons open: a tasteful look that conveys casual elegance at the core.

Through the perpetual passion for exploration and development, new yarns and makes are presented to add another dimension to our luxurious knitwear. As a staple, the sweater is now a garment not only saved for the fall and winter seasons but accompanies you in style and comfort throughout the summers. Spinning linen and silk with fine merino wool and cashmere, garments that maintain their shape but have added breathability are yours to embrace this season.

Explore a thoughtful collection that breathes quality, function, and purpose into the modern man’s present and future wardrobe.

— Dark brown linen suit worn casually by Ismael

Linen Suit Brown

Dark brown linen suit worn casually by Ismael

Presenting a seasonal collection of tailoring that draws inspiration from Southern Italy with classic wide lapels, horn buttons, lightweight constructions and fabrics. Regardless of fabric and style, made to make you wear the garments effortlessly at all times. Buttoned or fully open, allow the daily temperature and setting to dictate the style. This ensures versatility for the wearer, adapting effortlessly to various situations and climates.

The iconic M65 jacket is reimagined for the season in a silky matte technical fabric, crafted in Italy. Allowing enhanced movability and breathability while letting you enjoy all weather-repellent properties. A true wardrobe-chameleon that finishes your look regardless of the pairing.

— M65 jacket in silky matte technical fabric

M65 Jacket Navy

M65 jacket in silky matte technical fabric

Experience an elevated aesthetic and feel with silk infused into our seasonal jackets and hues found in Mediterranean nature represented in the colour palette. An elegant and natural palette, infused with a touch of refinement. The silk adds its fine properties and breathability but also a subtle hint of shine reminiscent of sunlight reflected on the ocean.

The natural colour palette reflects the ambition of perpetual style and includes pale greens, evoking the sun-bleached leaves found in Mediterranean vegetation. Discover a variation of fabrics, yarns, and designs that offer a diverse and versatile selection of garments to be worn throughout the season. From washed, sporty cotton polos to luxurious silk blends in sweaters and jackets, our collection caters to a range of styles and preferences.

The Suede Overshirt

The three-pocket suede overshirt has been refined for decades and is for many reasons a beloved staple in our essential collection. Featuring convenient patch pockets and a proportional shirt collar that can be effortlessly folded up for a more relaxed look. Crafted in Italy from a buttery-soft goat suede. To us, it represents the perfect jacket for casual wear.

— Crafted in butter soft goat suede

Suede Overshirt Jacket Brown

Crafted in butter soft goat suede

Yours for any occasion, any time of the year

The Capri Sweater

Meticulously crafted in Italy by knitwear artisans from a blend of crisp linen and fine merino wool, the timeless Capri sweater remains as relevant as ever. This unique take on knitwear is ideal for enduring the long days of summer heat. Every detail is carefully considered to optimize airflow while maintaining an air of elegance, highlighted by its permanently open collar.

— Knitted from crisp linen and fine merino wool

Capri Linen Blend Sweater Brown

Knitted from crisp linen and fine merino wool

The Short Sleeve Capri

This iteration of the Capri sweater offers an even more relaxed and cooler aesthetic with its short sleeves. By incorporating tubular ends instead of the classic ribbed ones, we’ve enhanced airflow around the torso, maximizing comfort in warm weather. Pair it with a crisp linen suit or your favourite swimwear for a casual day at the beach.

Made To Be Worn Open

Designed with a timeless, well-proportioned one-piece collar and a gently curved chest pocket, this shirt is made to be worn buttoned by the middle button for the beach while remaining classy under a crisp linen jacket.

Crafted from the same hefty but soft linen as our signature Resort shirt.

— The linen one-piece shirt worn barley closed

Linen One-Piece Shirt Blue

The linen one-piece shirt worn barley closed