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Spring / Summer Tailoring

For the first editorial of the year we travelled to the south of France and Monte Carlo. We see this spring as a fresh start where we can begin to explore the world and create memories again with friends and family. 

Our collection of summer tailoring is timeless yet inspiring with an elegant combination of classic colours and patterns. The garments invites you to a dressed up summer back in the world with real events and experiences. Jackets come in familiar shades of blue, beige and white. In combination with faded green, dusty pink and light blue, the colour palette is complemented with pastel colours. 

— Blue linen suit paired with candy striped cotton shirt and navy dotted silk tie

Blue linen suit paired with candy striped cotton shirt and navy dotted silk tie

We are very proud of our interpretation of the classic houndstooth jacket perfect for any summer occasion in a blend of wool and silk.

Our white Belgian linen jacket styled with a pair of blue Rose & Born jeans and a cotton/linen sweater.

Our chosen Belgian linen is woven with traditional methods in the middle of Europe and represents the highest quality of craftsmanship. The fabric represents a mix of the softer Italian feel with a robust Irish make. Linen is one of the most durable and sustainable fibers in the world and it’s known for having a high level of comfort, quality and durability. By combining these natural qualities with excellent craftsmanship you have a garment that will accompany you for many summers to come.

Feel free to combine it with lighter tones of white and beige or blue and black for a more sober feel.

Classic silhouettes in breathable materials for a tailored yet a comfortable summer.

— Blue glencheck wool jacket styled with tailored white trousers

Blue glencheck wool jacket styled with tailored white trousers

At Rose & Born we are always putting the quality and characteristics of materials in focus to let the garments speak for themselves. This jacket is styled with a pair of white tailored cotton trousers and a navy cashmere shirt cardigan.

Wool is known to be a very adaptable material that will change with the temperature of both you and your surroundings. The material functions regulates the body temperature naturally. It insulates equally well against both cold and heat and allows you to stay dry and comfortable regardless of temperature. The Glencheck jacket will do as well with a pair of tailored trousers as it will with a pair of jeans or relaxed linen trousers.


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