Style – To Dress For All Occasions

Perhaps the most common misconception one encounters is that the term style or even well-dressed would be synonymous with dressed-up.

The greatest style icons of all time may have mastered the art of wearing a suit, but what truly made them stand out was the feeling of being able to move between tailor-made and casual.

Many people strive to be perfectly dressed in the boardroom or at a wedding, but life is so much more than the most formal moments.

It can be about dressing elegantly for an autumn walk or a day at the beach during the summer, and many find these situations challenging.

If you are interested in style, the fit of your polo shirt, the length of your swimming trunks or the choice of summer shoes can be as important as fitting your suit.



Let your attire be an extension of who you are, and the garments be tailored for you rather than the opposite.

At Rose & Born, we want to offer our customers the opportunity to find garments and products for all moments of life without compromising on personal style.

Just as shorts may not be suitable for all offices, hardly wearing striped oxfords to the beach and the key to style in all areas of life is a wide, but not necessarily deep wardrobe.

Often the more formal attire is more forgiving as dress codes or at least traditional style rules leave less room for choice, but when trying to combine your favorite jeans with a casual jacket, these frameworks can be more challenging to apply.

We want to contribute with inspiration and information about which garments, cuts, and materials can take a casual outfit to new stylish heights.

It can be about, for example, choosing a tweed or flannel jacket which, together with a knitted sweater and the more loose twill fabric in a pair of jeans, provides a lower contrast in both material and formality than the odd suit jacket.

Another example is to have well-made shoes for situations that may not require oxfords but deserve more than a pair of worn sandals.

Regardless of formality, the key to a good style is fit and personality.