The Talented Mr le Fèvre

Mathias le Fèvre is the creative director, model & actor, and man about town who’s known for his immaculate appearance and natty way of dressing. But there’s more to this 28-year-old Dane than just a pretty face.

Text by Marcus Dunberg

If you want to keep it superficial, you could say that Mathias le Fèvre looks good. The internet is full of images of this 28-year-old’s great style and extensive wardrobe. Here he is in a bespoke three-piece suit; in an oversized paisley scarf with a French knot; in a light grey pinstripe suit; in a midnight blue look for black tie, or a silk evening jacket with a bespoke tropical cactus jacquard motif. His appearance always cuts through the noise, like he just stepped off the set of The Great Gatsby, Brideshead Revisited or a Cary Grant movie.

This comes as no surprise, when he describes his love for cinema.

“Movies from the 60s and 70s are definitely a huge inspiration,” he says. “I lose the plot just looking at all those fantastic costumes and suits – it’s like a language of its own.”

But there’s more to le Fèvre than what his style reveals: something wholesome and even sensitive about both his personality and his appearance – something that could be explained by the fact that he grew up on a farm in the countryside, surrounded by fresh air and nature’s beauty.

— Browsing Mr Cads amazing inventory of vintage gear

Suede Overshirt Jacket Beige

Browsing Mr Cads amazing inventory of vintage gear

His entry into the world of style came more out of necessity than desire.

“I started a business at the age of 16, and since I was always the youngest guy in the room, I always had to prove myself,” he recalls. “I started using tailoring to present myself, and also as my suit of armour.” From there, le Fèvre’s interest in men’s style grew, eventually becoming a passion – “a bit of a niche interest in rural Denmark”, he says.

It wasn’t until 2015, when le Fèvre moved to London.

He launched his own creative agency, offering storytelling and content creation for brands looking to attract a new generation that didn’t have a previous relationship with Jermyn Street or Savile Row.

Shortly after moving to London, le Fèvre also met his girlfriend, the singer-songwriter and equally elegant Ciinderella Balthazar. Inseparable ever since, the couple is frequently seen out on the town, at fashion and music industry parties and on the red carpet.

le Fèvre is currently realising some dreams of his own. He’s enrolled in a drama course and has already starred in two short films. “I’m discovering a new side of myself – learning how to act out all the emotions in my register,” he says. Mathias le Fèvre – remember where you heard it first.

— Ice cream pit stop

Linen Suit Beige

Ice cream pit stop

An afternoon driving around Londons outskirts

“I don’t see myself leaving London anytime soon,” he reflects. “I love the place where I grew up, but the way London thrives on creativity and ambition has my heart. I love being surrounded by ambitious individuals realising their dreams.”

Royal Automobile Club

In a roaring and elegant Aston Martin, Mathias took us to his preferred members’ club, the Royal Automobile Club just outside London, where we were also given a tour of its long corridors and grounds.

A gentle nod to the tailoring silhouettes of the 60s

— Custom Made Black Tuxedo

Pique Tuxedo Shirt White

Custom Made Black Tuxedo

Le Fèvre’s 5 London Favourites


  • Neighbourhood: Pimlico; I’ve lived here the past few years. It’s incredibly central, boasts beautiful regency architecture and still has the feel of a small village.


  • Restaurant: When the warm weather comes around, a favourite spot for lunch in the sun is Colbert. Situated in the heart of Chelsea, on Sloane Square, inspired by the great boulevard cafés of Paris.


  • Shop: If menswear makes your heart beat like mine you only need to know 3 street names: Jermyn Street, Chiltern Street and Savile Row.


  • Personality: I’ve looked to photography from a young age, when I was passed on my grandfather’s Rolleiflex. Since then, I’ve always been fascinated by shooting on film. Mr Cad is the gentleman behind my local photography shop, a legend amongst photographers, with a collection of more vintage cameras than you can count.


  • Hidden gem: Ben Venuti. If London was my first love, Italy was my second. This 30-square-foot shop is a portal to the motherland of true beauty and pasta; you’ll find me here sipping espresso unless I’m out of town.

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