Why the suit will be your best investment

You know the garments you always choose because they are the most comfortable, while all the other garments stay in the closet – suits, blazers or even shirts. Not because they do not look good, but because there is always a better fitting suit, jacket, or shirt. Do you recognize this scenario? The dream would be a wardrobe that consisted of only stylish, comfortable, well-fitting garments?

A well-fitting suit can affect how you feel when you walk out the door, how you act, and how others perceive you.

If you are a person who often wears a suit, a made-to-measure suit will make a big difference. If you are a person who only wears a suit on special occasions, it also makes a big difference. As style-conscious as you are in your everyday life, when you wear other clothes far from a suit or jacket, you want to be when you wear a suit at a wedding or a birthday party – because you want to feel good.

Ask a professional tennis player or skier about the importance of fit and design for the clothes they play or ride in – it’s crucial for self-confidence, well-being, and how they perform. If you have felt the difference, you know what it does for one – and how much it can differentiate between a suit – and a suit. Or, in their case, a ski suit and pique. The fit of our clothes, jackets, pants or shirts is crucial to how we feel every day – therefore it is amongst the best things we can invest in. 

It is about the uncompromisingness of your own personal style

A made-to-measure suit is a luxurious investment, but an investment well worth the money in the long run and something everyone should indulge in life. Maybe it’s even crucial to how you perform or how you are perceived. A men’s suit that is made to measure – and designed just for you will fit where it should, in the same way, that it will cut right where it should. Nothing that rubs, hurts or tightens, distracts, or irritates you unnecessarily. Life is too short to wear uncomfortable clothes. Clothes – not least the suit – should fit comfortably and neatly.

At Rose & Born the made-to-measure possibilities are amongst the widest available on the market. Shown here is our sand coloured cashmere cardigan, all details and measurements are made according to the customer’s preferences.

Through our specialists extensive care and experience we advise you in all matters to fit the occasion or purpose of your purchase.

The modern suit is simple, minimalistic, sober, and often solid in color. But in today’s modern society there is also room for bolder choices with- checkered, striped, or patterned fabrics. The classic men’s suit includes a jacket and trousers and is often single-buttoned. It can be personalized or styled with, for example a vest, knitted ties, or a scarf. You can also vary your style by choosing a double-breasted jacket, as well as different lapels, buttons, cuts, and fits – something we at Rose & Born of course offers through our made to measure services.

The delivery time for a made-to-measure garment is about 4 weeks.

Rose & Born wants to make the made-to-measure suit available on the market. A made-to-measure garment is a more expensive investment than a regular suit, but the price per use will definitely be lower. Through a combination of high quality and personal preferences, you will get the perfect suit – for you.