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Office Dress Codes

Being new to a workplace can be both exciting and nervous. Today, few offices have a clear official dress code, so it can be difficult to know what level of formality the employees usually have. People often talk about dressing for the job you want already during the job interview and not what you had, but it is not always the easiest thing. As the dress code can vary considerably between both industries and specific offices, it can take some time to get a grip on what it looks like in your particular workplace.

Parties, weddings, and celebrations can often be associated with a dress code stated on the invitation.

But how do you go about determining the level of attire that applies in the office? In this article, we will delve into the area of unspoken dress codes for the office.

Why is this important, one might then ask? Can’t you just dress for yourself? Today we live in a society that is characterized by increasing individualism and as a result; a more casual attire. Many workplaces completely lack guidelines on what is expected of you as an employee, although traditional suit professions such as banking, finance, and law firms may still have the requirement for a suit in external meetings with clients and clients. 


Today, these professions are also characterized by an increasingly casual style for the office, where the suit and especially the tie are often replaced by odd jackets and unbuttoned shirts. It is a development many may welcome but it makes it more difficult to determine what is expected of you as an employee. It is this category of semi-formal situations that opens up as many questions as alternatives and we, therefore,thought we would provide several solid tips you can take with you.

The suit

In a profession that requires a suit, it is mainly about working without being seen. Focus on a perfect fit, discreet colors, and less eccentric elements. Here, your attire should not take focus from what you say better stand out with quality and fit rather than screaming details. Dark blue or gray wool, white or light blue shirts, and dark brown or black shoes take you very far along the way.

Focus on the shoes

A pair of well-made quality shoes will lift both a suit and a casual outfit and often set the tone for your entire outfit. Therefore, go for a pair of welted shoes in brown leather or suede that will complement both jeans and flannel trousers.

— The model is designed on the elegant 236 last and with a straight cap toe.

Crockett & Jones Alex Black Patent Oxford Shoes


Well-pressed trousers

In the land of jeans, a pair of well-pressed trousers in flannel, cotton, or linen, depending on the season, become a well-dressed and elegant element without giving a formal feeling. Combine them with a buttondown shirt, polo shirt, or knitted sweater for a casually elegant style.

— Made in Italy from supple woolen flanell cloth and timeless fit that sits comfortably at your natural waist height.

Dark Grey Wool Flannel Trousers


Unconstructed jackets

If you are unsure about wearing a jacket in the office, the unconstructed jacket may be the right way for you. With minimal build-up in the shoulder area and chest and a half-lined inside, you get a feeling that is more reminiscent of a knitted sweater than a formal jacket without compromising on style.

Choose a jacket in a fabric with a little structure such as tweed, flannel, or linen, depending on the season, and the jacket will be easier to combine with jeans and trousers.

Learn layering

Especially in the fall, layer-on-layer can be a perfect way to keep the warmth and style of the office. Combine a buttondown shirt under a knitted sweater or vest and top it with a casual tweed jacket or overshirt. Depending on the temperature, you can easily remove a layer and still be well dressed.

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Navy Cashmere Shirt Cardigan

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