Jeans & 5-pocket trousers

Roger happily tried them on with our cashmere shawl collar sweater and oxford button-down shirt.

Made to last - we wish for you to care for them as we did during the process of creating them.

Our jeans are made in Italy using fine Italian 13oz denim with a classic look but with added stretch for comfort right from the start. By offering classic washes and colourways we aim for long lasting garments that will stand the test of trends.

All our jeans and 5-pocket trousers are finished with embossed genuine leather back patches and Swiss hardware.

With an elegant fit

Through years of experience in designing and selling denim we have worked a lot on the fit of our jeans. They come in a flattering & contemporary slim fit and colours to fit all tastes.

Available from classic indigo washes to creamy off-white & khaki, they are made to be worn easily with both tailoring and knitwear.

— Made from Italian 13oz denim

Jeans Light Wash Light Blue

Made from Italian 13oz denim

Available Made to Measure

Designed in a contemporary slim fit, but offered with a broad variety of options.

Our Jeans & 5-pocket trousers can be ordered made to measure to ensure a perfect fit. Choose between selvedge – non selvedge denims, washes, to small and personal details such as hardware, stitches and your monogram.

— Seasonal 5-pockets in soft 430g cotton moleskin

Moleskin Jeans Sand

Seasonal 5-pockets in soft 430g cotton moleskin

Even though most of our jeans come pre-washed, it’s a good idea to wash the jeans once before wearing them with light coloured fabrics to prevent any blue stains on your clothes or furniture. The same goes for adjusting the length of your jeans, it is a good idea to wash them once before altering them. Also, we cannot stress the benefits of not washing your jeans too often enough. By washing them every 10-15th usage you will not only save a lot of water and energy but also keep your garment alive for much longer.